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Flower agate

Flower agate

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Flower agate reminds us that our internal self requires fertilization and nurturing in order for us to bloom into our best version. This crystal shows us that we are able to navigate our growth one step at a time. In meditation, you may find a quiet resolve to pursue your dreams and desires, knowing that fulfillment blooms for us inside. Flower Agate instills confidence, loving integrity and restores harmonic balance.
If you are entering a phase in your life where something needs to bloom and grow, whether it's business or personal matters, Flower Agate may be helpful in allowing the seeds to fertilize and bloom. It guides with soothing feminine energy, reminding us to remain true to our divine essence as we explore the magic of the universe.
  • Reach your fullest potential

  • Achieve your dreams

  • Be happier each day

  • Be the you that you always wanted to be

  • Worry less, enjoy more

  • Activate your root and heart chakra

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