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Blue Chalcedony Sphere

Blue Chalcedony Sphere

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Blue Chalcedony is as well known as “The Speaking Stone”. The stunning shifts of color are a conversation starter on it’s own but this stone can help you with your big speech of that difficult conversation. This is definitely one to keep on your person. (Even in your pocket or bracket)


The benefits of Blue Chalcedony are;

  • Absorbs and dissipates negative energies
  • Promotes joy, serenity and generosity
  • Imparts vitality, stamina and optimism
  •  Assists in completion of prolonged projects
  •  Instills feelings of benevolence and brotherhood
  • Lessens "speaking before thinking"
  • Repairs energetic leaks within one's aura
  • Aids to overcome fear of public speaking
  • Balances the physical, emotional and mental faculties

Blue Chalcedony encourages reflection and meditation to prepare us for action while assisting hold back harmful words that we may later regret.

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