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Divination Pendulum Board

Divination Pendulum Board

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Like the Crystal Ball Pendulum board the Divination Pendulum Board depicts someone scrying with a Crystal Ball. 
Add some additional scrying assistance with the Divination Pendulum Board. a crystal ball has been used for divination/ scrying for centuries, along with many other forms involving reflection. Such as water, mirror, glass, even fire. To add that imagery to the pendulum board is to ask for deeper connection.

Or you could give this as a gift to someone working with divination, even simply just because you like Crystal Balls. 😜

  • The Divination Pendulum Board can meet your needs and help you to make decisions, easily getting rid of hesitation.
  • The Divination Pendulum Board fits well for Spiritual beginners, which can help you manifest your destiny by aiding your decisions making process.
  • The Divination Pendulum Board is made of wood, which is solid and durable, coming with a smooth surface that is carved with clear and pretty patterns.
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